Vital Charge


The Vital Charge is a handheld light therapy device that delivers therapeutic red light wavelengths with an ultra-sleek design. The device features a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that lasts up to 4 hours for continuous red light therapy treatment. Take this lightweight, portable device with you everywhere you go to never miss a red light therapy session again. Get the device that is backed by health experts and loved by celebrities.

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You are fully covered when buying a Vital Red Light — if it's not for you, send it back within 30-days for a quick, no-hassle refund.

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Enjoy 100% fast and free shipping on all orders at Vital Red Light. Delivery takes 2-6 days in the USA. No one likes expensive shipping fees.

2-Year Warranty Guarantee

Your Vital Red Light is fully covered for 2 years after you buy it. If anything at all goes wrong, we fix it — free of charge.

Vitalize Your Body and Mind with Red Light

Vital Red Light devices delivers powerful natural red and near infrared light straight to your body – enhancing skin, immunity, and well-being. With just a few sessions of red light therapy, you can expect to see faster healing, anti-aging, mood enhancement, increased muscle recovery and many more benefits to your overall wellness.

Medical Grade Power

Our devices are made with high-powered, medical grade, 5 watt LEDs for MORE effective treatment in LESS time.

Precise Light Spectrum

Our devices emit Red and Near-Infrared wavelengths that are clinically proven to have a therapeutic and healing affect on the body.

Near-Zero EMF Output

Our world-class research and development team manufacture our devices to have near-zero EMF emissions for a safe treatment experience.

Vital Charge


Questions and Answers

  • Is it safe?

    Absolutely! There have been hundreds of studies around the world that provide the safety and effectiveness of red light therapy on all parts of the body. Because of this, red light therapy has become an extremely popular way to treat skin problems, athletic injuries, and even help with sleep! Since red light therapy does not have the harmful UV rays or heat like the sun, you can rest assured that you are getting the right dose of light without any negative side effects!

  • How long does it take to work?

    You can experience a reduction in symptoms as early as after the first treatment session! Red light therapy has been proven to work fast and effectively. Consistently using red light is key. We must note, for the “healthy glow” of a photofacial, you’ll see a difference right away.

  • Will it work for me?

    Yes, it should. Red light therapy will work for the reduction of fine lines, scarring, inflammation and other conditions. The amount of time it takes to see visible results will vary from person to person, depending on the type of condition and it’s severity. Results will start to be seen anywhere from 24 hours to 6 weeks.

  • How do I use it?

    Using red light therapy is simple and easy: Switch on your Vital Red Light, aim it at the part of your body that you wish to treat, and relax for 5 to 20 minutes. Easy as that, no setup required, just get comfortable and enjoy. With only a couple sessions a week, you will begin to feel the healing effects of red light therapy. Each Vital Red Light comes with a free mounting stand ($99 value) allowing for targeted treatments.

  • How often do I have to use it?

    The frequency of the sessions depend on which condition you want to treat. Treatment of certain skin conditions can happen immediately, while stimulating hair loss takes longer. Regardless of what you were looking to achieve, you will see noticeable effects after some use!

  • Can it cause harm?

    No. Red Light therapy is safe and free of ultraviolet (UV) rays. Unlike using other laser therapies or tanning beds, red light therapy does not use UV light, which is the cell mutating and cancer causing light.

  • Can I use my regular skin products with it?

    Absolutely. If you’re happy with the skincare products that you were currently using, don’t change them. It is recommended that you remove any products from your face while using red light therapy.

  • Will I get a sunburnt?

    No. Sunburn is caused by UV wavelength exposure. There is no UV in our red or near infrared light therapy products.

  • Will I sweat?

    You will not get very warm or sweat. This is a common misconception. Red light therapy does not emit heat. To ensure this, the Vital Devices have whisper quiet fans to dissipate any heat which keeps the session enjoyable and comfortable

  • Is it safe to use on sensitive skin?

    All light therapy options products are approved for all skin types and skin tones. However, if you have any specific concerns, it is recommended that you speak with your physician or dermatologist.

  • What does it feel like?

    It is a wonderful sensation, but we must say – it is different for everyone. It really depends on your sensitivity. People have reported feelings of immediate relief, a sensation of tingling, or nothing at all. The light has an easing effect on the body and mind. It is beneficial to note that each sensation recorded has been minor.

  • Is it approved by the FDA?

    Red light therapy as a therapeutic is approved by the FDA. FDA approved red light therapy devices have been shown to treat acne, antiaging, hair loss and regrowth, pain relief, and weight loss

  • Will it hurt my eyes?

    The red light will not damage your eyes. The light source will usually produce high glare, depending on the size of the device used. You should not shine a Red light product directly in your eyes, just as you never look directly towards the sun. Most in home products come with eye protection and reputable practitioners will use goggles or other eye protection.

  • Do I need eye protection?

    It is not required that you wear eye protection, nevertheless the lights are very bright and may be uncomfortable for some individuals with sensitivities to light.

  • What is it used for?

    Red light therapy is used by everyone from the world's top beauty experts and dermatologist to professional athletes. Men and women use red light therapy to improve their skin, sleep better, reduce inflammation, reduce pain, enhance athletic performance, normalize hormones, and even regrow hair. 

  • How does it do so much?

    Just like humans need food, water, and oxygen to function properly – the body also needs light. Unfortunately today, because of the modern human condition, most people do not get as much natural light as they need to live a healthy life. Light pollution an increasing screen time, has altered our bodies on a cellular level. Healthy natural light stimulates the mitochondria. As you remember from high school biology class, each cell in your body has thousands of these little powerhouses. The mitochondria produce the energy that the cells use to function. As all the cells function together in your body – you have energy and are able to go about your day in a high-energy way. Because red light therapy works for you on a cellular level, it can have so many wonderful health effects! 

  • Why is this so much cheaper than Joovv?

    We believe anyone should have access to the benefits of red and near infrared light therapy. We don't spend crazy amounts of money on advertising or celebrity endorsements. Instead, we keep our costs low and pass the savings along to our customers. We are transparent with our pricing and pass the savings straight to you. Just like Joovv and the other top brands, our lights use 5W LEDS! Equal power and effectviness for half the cost. 

  • What is the refund and warranty policy?

    We offer a full 30 day return period, so you get to try your device out at no risk. We don't charge any restocking fees. If you are not happy with your light for some reason, send it back for a full refund. All of our products come with an automatic 2 year warranty. If your device stops working or suffers some sort of mechanical failure within 2 years of your purchase, just reach out to us with your order number and we'll either replace or repair your device free of charge.

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Jennifer M.
United States
I recommend this product


Thrilled with my purchase. I had done a ton of research on RLT and it sure enough it lives up to the hype. I have been using my Vital Red Light for everything from, an old shoulder injury to postpartum hair loss. So far I can say it has helped reduce shoulder pain A LOT. It seems to be helping my hair shedding and helping regrow. I definitely enjoy my Vital Red Light also a great company.

Ana A.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Amazing product

I really enjoy the red light. I use it 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes right before bed. I feel that using it in the morning it gives me great energy and I can see my face has a great glow ! Using it before bedtime I feel I get a full nights rest. Everyone will have different experiences. I was very hesitant BUT now that I have used it, I can see and feel the difference. I highly recommend the red light! I’m hoping to get the bigger version of the red light !

Kristin P.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Love this little device

I have wanted to try a red light for a while, started with this hand held one and love it! I've been using regularly and its become a part of my wellness routine. It makes me feel very relaxed when using and I believe it is helping the wrinkles on my face smooth out. Just started using on my son eczema on his hand, hoping to see it help!! I will be purchasing a larger one in the future!

Allison S.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Loving my Vital Red Light!

I have been using my new Vital Red Light for a couple weeks now and am really enjoying it! I like to use it while doing a daily meditation or on an area of my body that is sore.

Elizabeth C.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Go Red For Rapid Results

Within 2 weeks of beginning my daily 10 minutes of VRL, my sleep quality and mental alertness noticeably improved! I like to stretch during my session which is also easing muscle and joint soreness and improving my flexibility. With the improvements in my sleep quality, I have also experienced improvements in my gut health! As a 58 yo fit and post-menopausal woman, I can say I haven’t felt this alert, supple, energetic, and vibrant in several years! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Jorge D.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Good for sensitive skin

Have been using everyday for one or two times a day since I got it , a few weeks now, my rosacea looks better and overall skin texture as well,

Katerina L.
United States United States
I recommend this product


I love using my red light on everything. My face and rest of my body as well as my water, my food any other stuff. It’s great. Honestly it makes me so happy and makes life a lot more fun and enjoyable for me. I love taking at least ten minutes to use my red light therapy device. Thank you:)

Vital Red Light Vital Charge Review
Benjamin H.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Easy and Effective

Enjoying my red light! Easy to use and results are real…this tool is a no-brainer for optimizing various parts of your health. Definitely recommend.

Ima E.
Canada Canada
I recommend this product


Love the portability of this red light and simple to use.

Carrie W.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Quality Product

Product seems really high quality. I have been using it for about a month and my face feels so much softer and more even skin tone. The only thing I will say is that it is pretty small so I feel like I have to do each side of my face separately to not miss any spots.

Vital Red Light Vital Charge Review